Thursday, August 11, 2011

In Which I Admit To Plastic Surgery

Many of you may know this already, but last Friday, I had septoplasty/rhinoplasty/overall sinus roto-rootering. Or as my doctor put it, "Anything that can be done to a nose, you had." I have never once breathed correctly in my life, so this spring I finally went to an ENT to see what could be done. I had a CAT scan of my head done and saw that my nasal passages were narrower than humanly possible and that I had a deviated septum. I also had allergy testing, where I learned that my body hates grass, weeds, sage and some trees. Basically the whole season of foliage was created to irritate my nose. For my seasonal allergies, I was put on a saline rinse, Flonase and sesame seed oil spray for dryness. When that wasn't cutting it, I added Allegra. Still having problems, I asked for what a permanent solution might entail and agreed to pay him money to do obscene things to my nasal structures.

So how am I doing almost a week later? I couldn't have asked for a better Halloween mask, that's for sure. Surgery was uneventful since I was asleep the whole time (thank god!) That evening was pretty rough, with trying to recover from the anesthesia and eating for the first time in nearly 24 hrs. I was up nearly every hour having to switch out the bandage under my nose. Saturday and Sunday were by far the most uncomfortable. At the peak of swelling, my eyelids were so purple and heavy I could barely keep them open. I also had a lot of congestion that made my ears pop every time I swallowed. But sleeping has gotten better, though Aaron has taken to sleeping on the futon in the loft because my breathing is still haggard. The swelling went down, but I'm still very colorful and have horridly bloodshot eyes.

I had my follow up appointment today, where the doctor removed the splints in my nose that were holding the septum in place. There are still some sponges up in my sinuses that he didn't feel comfortable taking out just yet. He also sucked out some enormous blood clots and now my ears are clear. The outside bandages were removed and I was able to see my nose without its hump for the first time ever! It's still a bit puffy and will be settling down a bit more, but I'm already very happy with how it looks. I'm supposed to still wear the outside splint at night and when I'm relaxing at home, just so it doesn't get bumped.

I'll post before and after pictures once the swelling and color has faded. Because, trust me, you don't want to see me right now. So far, I'm really happy I finally did this for myself and hope that it solves many of my breathing and sinus issues. Also, the week off where I'm not allowed to do anything but watch tv, read and sleep isn't half bad :)

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Amy said...

I'm glad the surgery went well!