Saturday, October 9, 2010

Take a Look, It's in a Book

I was super lucky this week and got my Christmas present early, mainly so I could use it on our upcoming trip to Hawaii. I am now the proud owner of a Barnes & Noble Nook, so now I can read on the beach while sunning! And I can take a ton of books around with me everywhere! Now that I’ve played with it for a few days, I’m totally sold. There are so many free books available on the website, including classics, some good murder mysteries and Outlander #1.

Reasons I chose a Nook over the Kindle:

- Uses epub files, so I can find more free books and texts online (, googlebooks, etc). Pretty easy to load my own documents to read, including pdfs. This is especially nice now that I work in public health and read many scientific papers.

- Because of the epub files, it has compatibility with library ebook loans. This was the biggest selling point, as I borrow from the library constantly. I’m pretty sure my late fees pay for at least one librarian’s monthly salary.

- Expandable memory. Very simple to pop in an SD card.

- Android operating system. This is the bomb diggity! I already love my android phone.

- Lending system. I can lend out certain titles to friends for two weeks. They don’t have to have a Nook, they can just have the free Nook app on their phone or pc!

- Replaceable battery. I can get another one from and change it myself without sending the unit in.

- Better design look in my opinion. I like sleek and uncluttered. Which goes along with…

- No external keyboard. I’m a klutz and would probably be accidentally pushing buttons all the time.

Just to be fair, things the Kindle still has an advantage over Nook:

- Slightly lighter

- Can read doc and html files, but it's pretty easy to turn doc files into pdf, so maybe this is moot.

- Slightly longer battery life due to no touchscreen

- Some say page turning is faster, I haven’t notice the Nook being too slow.

All in all, I'm incredibly happy with my new toy. For anyone else who is an avid book reader, I definitely recommend it!