Monday, June 21, 2010

This Land is Your Land

I've been looking at a lot of maps for work and it recently hit me how differently laid out the East side of the United States is from the West. Just look how the counties are laid out. It's like the pilgrims, revolutionaries, and founding fathers were OCD about getting everyone into nice arranged counties. But by the time we owned the land in the West, they gave up and let counties be created willy nilly. So we ended up with some counties out here being larger than some states are back East (I'm looking at you Rhode Island and New Jersey).

(You can click on this to get a bigger version.)

It's so hard to realize that we're not nearly as densely populated either. I go to Denver or Boulder and think about how crowded it is, but they've got nothing on NYC, Philadelphia or Boston. This is even more evident when you look at a map of the US at night.

Crazy, huh? We're so empty comparatively speaking!


Reading Allowed said...

Ha! That's crazy! You can almost see a vertical line where they gave up on the counties and said to hell with it!

Teresa said...

LOL at Reading's comment. I completely agree!