Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Insanity

This weekend, Aaron and I embarked upon an epic adventure. We fell in love with the IKEA in AZ back in April and found some furniture we really liked. Not being super patient people, we didn't want to wait for the new one in Denver to be finished. The plan was to fly into Salt Lake City Friday night, get up early Sat morning, pick up a U-haul truck and spend the day shopping. Our flight out was delayed two and half hours thanks the the micro bursts around the airport. We made it into SLC and stayed at the Radisson Hotel near the airport (which is incredibly nice for the price, $65 for the night!) The next morning, getting the truck proved to be more difficult that thought, as the truck wasn't at the place where I reserved it. The is par for the course for U-Haul, but we had let the cab go already. They wouldn't consider bringing the truck over to where we were or help us get to the other location. Had to call the cab company again and spend another $25, have cabs always been so expensive?

Regardless, everything afterward went smoothly.

We bought furniture, lots and lots of furniture.

A new dining set:

New dressers (Aaron has a matching one)

We also got two sitting chairs for my office and the bedroom, which I'll post pics of once they're put together. The drive back over I-80 was horribly boring, especially since we decided to do it all in one day. Upside was finding an amazing restaurant in Rawlins, WY, which we had almost given up on. If you happen to be wandering that area, try Aspen House Restaurant.

Also, here's a silly picture of Scout, just because! She's cleaning out the puppy chow.


Reading Allowed said...

You guys are CRAZY! I can't believe you drove back from Ikea!

Amy said...

Wow, that's a serious love for IKEA!

Wild Celtic said...

Really cute pictures!! Funny dog. :-) People who have been to IKEA love it. Never seen any in person, but I take your travels as word enough for it.