Saturday, March 27, 2010

Unplugging - One Week Later

I made it. Last Saturday, I was able to go the entire 24 hours without looking at my phone, checking email or even watching TV. The only thing technology related I did was go watch Alice in Wonderland with Aaron (we had already planned on it, so I didn't want to tell him no!) It was nice and sort of set me up for the week in stepping away from the computer more than usual.

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Wild Celtic said...

So, I am very plugged in at the moment and have been trying, unsuccessfully, to add the tabs on the top of my blog page, like you have on here. How on Earth did you accomplish that? I'd like a tab for songs, tab for clips, tab for songs of the week ,etc. It's cool you're from Ft Collins, I'm down here in Westminster/Boulder! Would you mind sharing your wisdom with me on how to get tabs?