Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why the Internet Will Fail (from 1995)

Ah, how naive we were back then.

Why the Internet Will Fail (from 1995)

It really is amazing how things have changed in just my lifetime. I remember getting to play on computers for the first time back in elementary school and thinking Oregon Trail and Cactus Factory were the best. Then we were introduced to THE INTERNET in middle school where I took a whole class on how to use email and we used Pine, you remember Pine? You could send a message to your friend across the room that said "Hi, it's Kallie. I can see you. Ha ha ha!" (Ironically enough, these conversations still occur on Facebook.) High school became the place for looking up resources for school reports online, no more stuffy library texts. Later, I took a whole college class online, where I never even met the teacher! I now own a smart phone that can access the interweb from any place I want. And if the internet had failed, I would have never met Aaron. Impressive to say the least and I'm glad this writer got it wrong.

For fun, check out what I remember to be the first real website I visited. It's still up! Kill Barney!

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