Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Crafts of Late

Teresa's ornament is finished and on its way to her, but I won't post any pictures of it just yet. Don't want to ruin the surprise! In the mean time, I wanted to show off other things I've been working on.

These are initial wall hangings for my friend's three kiddos. Their son is fan of pirates, so he got a fun ocean scene, complete with treasure chest (and yes, those are mini gold coins!)

The treasure chest came out pretty good, considering it's only about a 1/2 inch wide.

Their oldest girl loves all things buggy, so a butterfly, bee and lady bug grace hers.

I like to think the bee came out the best, but this picture unfortunately shows off my hack painting job...

The youngest of the clan already had giraffes in her room, so I added to the zoo!

Do you like Mr. Zebra's rockin' mohawk?

Also, I have made ornaments for the two older kids in the past, so the youngest got one this year. It's a cute little giraffe of course!


Amy said...

Those are great... you're really good at that!

Talena said...

Yeah, those are awesome! Will you make me one please?

Kallie said...

Talena - I'll have another giveaway in a couple of days so you can enter that!

Amy - Thanks! They're a lot of fun to make.

Teresa said...

My monkey is fantastic! I LOVE IT! Any chance that I could get one of those initials for James? You do a great job. Thank you!

Reading Allowed said...

those are adorable! You are really good at that! Who knew a math nerd could be so crafty? :-P