Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My First Giveaway!

Who doesn't enjoy getting things for free? Ever since I was little, I have been entering contests and signing up for free samples. I think a big part of it is receiving fun stuff in the mail. Some really good sites I've found for getting free samples are:

Last week I won a gift card from Katie at thinkPINK. Her blog is about raising her daughter as environmentally friendly as she can, but she also talks about her cats and life as a Colorado transplant. Even though I don't have kids, I like reading her posts and it doesn't hurt that her little girl is adorable!

I thought it would be fun to have a giveaway on here too, sort of a pay it forward deal. I don't have too many readers, but that just increases your odds of winning!

What you can win - A holiday ornament, handmade by me! These are some I've made in the past for friends and family.

How to enter - Leave a comment below with any the following information: favorite part of the holiday season (activity, food, object, etc.), favorite animal, and favorite color. On Friday, Nov 6th, I'll pick one comment at random as the winner. Good luck!


todds_wife said...

Those are SO CUTE! My favorite thing about the holidays (of course) is cooking for my family and friends. Coming together around a table at the holidays is just about the warmest feeling I can think of. My favorite animals are doggies, the fuzzier the better, and my favorite color is pink.

Teresa said...

Those are adorable! My favorite part of the holiday season is the new traditions that we are starting with our son. Favorite color is red, I don't really have a favorite animal. I call my son my little monkey, so maybe monkeys?

Elliott's Mess said...

Wow, adorable ornaments!
My favorite part of the holidays are the smells and looking at Christmas lights.
My fave animals are, of course, dogs. And my favorite color is green.
Thank you for the opportunity!

Reading Allowed said...

oh how exciting! You make super-cute ornaments, are they from a kit or can you really just do that on your own?

I love eggnog. Looooove it. So eggnog and snow are my two favorite things about the holiday season. And carols. And fuzzy hats, and sparkly Christmas lights, and, and....I love the holidays!! :)

favorite color? I don't have one. I'll say red for the holidays.

Amy said...

Very cute! My favorite animal are lions, although kitty cats are good too. Favorite color is blue. My favorite thing about the holidays is being surrounded by family!