Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maybe an Asteroid Didn't Kill the Dinosaurs

I found this article today and thought it was interesting. I don't believe we can entirely discount the asteroid as part of the cause for all the dinosaur species being wiped out, but Gerta Keller and Thierry Addate bring up some interesting points. It is possible that the impact caused some initial die-outs, but it took longer for other dinosaurs to die as the climate and environment changed. I could see something like that taking up to 30,000 years.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Meow Meow Meow Meow

I'm terrible, I know, I can't even keep up on a weekly post. But I have my reasons, really I do! Work got really busy and then an early spring cold hit me the end of last week, so I haven't been too coherent. So in lieu of something thoughtful and profound, here's a video of cats.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Traveling Through the South and Midwest

Now that we've made it out of the depths of winter, I thought I'd write a little about what we've been up to.

Back in March, we took a long weekend drive down to Santa Fe for Aaron's birthday. It was his first time down there and my first time back in a few years. We ended up at a very nice hotel, the Old Santa Fe Inn. It was only three blocks from the plaza and Aaron's favorite part was the breakfast burrito bar every morning. It was great to wander around all the museums (which are free Friday evenings from 5-8pm!) and eat fantastic food. I loved seeing all the galleries and art around the town.

We snuck into the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi to look around. Turns out the Friday night Mass was starting so we had to rush out! But it was beautiful inside and worth it.

We spent one of the days up in Taos, originally to see the Pueblo, but it was still closed for the season. On the way up, we stopped to take in a view of the Rio Grande Gorge. Can you see why Georgia O'Keefe fell in love with this area?

Just this last weekend, I headed out to the Midwest to visit a friend from grad school. I was very surprised at Des Moines lack of skyscrapers, these were all I could find.

At the Science Museum, I got to pretend to be on the Channel 13 Weather Team.

This is M showing off the foam arch we built.

We also got some yoga and climbing in, which I haven't done in forever. And yes, just to prove there is climbing in IA:

I woke up to a snow storm the day I was flying back home. It kept me sitting on the tarmac an extra 45 minutes, but it sure was serene earlier.

The best part of the trip? (Aside from hanging out with M, thanks for being such an awesome hostess!) I got to snuggle with these three gentlemen a ton.

They're doing artistic stair poses, can't you tell?

WTF Wednesday

If your company was having a basketball contest and all employees were outside at the court, W(hy)TF would you think it's okay to take your smoke break RIGHT THEN? Next to ALL of your coworkers? Couldn't wait 5 min til it was done and everyone went back in?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

5 Reasons Why I Love My Furry (Or Feathered) Best Friends

At work, we are starting a fundraiser for the local humane society. It just so happens to be the same one that Miss Moxie came from too! I'm helping out because I cannot say no to fuzzy little creatures and this cause is near and dear to my heart. I got to thinking and realized there's never been a point in my life where I haven't had a pet of some kind. I grew up in the suburbs with chickens and goats in the backyard (much to the chagrin of the H.O.A.) and cats and dogs inside. I even had a menagerie of guinea pigs, a rabbit, a parakeet and fish in my apartment throughout college.

There are plenty of reasons why I love animals even more than some humans, but I think the best ones are:

1) They are always happy to see you when you get home. Whether they are ready to play or they just want you to fill the food bowl, your presence is awaited.

2) When you are having a down and out day, they will be more than willing to snuggle up and listen to you vent. Or if you have a parakeet, he's happy to tell you all about his day right back.

3) They are good at protecting the home. Either your dog will ward off intruders with a ferocious bark or the cat will trip them on their way in, it's a pretty inexpensive alarm system.

4) Responsibility. You will never sleep in until noon, because you'll be assaulted with cat breath in your face or the highest pitched squealing that doesn't even seem like it could come out of that little rodent. Hmm, maybe this isn't the best pro to owning animals...

5) Soft, velvety puppy ears. Seriously, is there anything better in life than this?

What are your favorite things about your pets?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WTF Wednesday?

I've never been really good at blogging on a regular basis, so I thought of an idea that might help. Every Wednesday, I'm going to present to you something that made me go "WTF mate?" This first one is really what inspired it. Once you see it, you'll understand it.

I TiVo the music videos on VH1 in the middle of the night (since that's the only time they'll actually play music). I like to watch them to see what video producers are making and secretly wish that was my career. This video started in rotation last week and when Aaron and I played it, we just stared in disbelief. It really makes no sense whatsoever. It's by Peter Bjorn and John, called "Nothing to Worry About."

I only hope you won't be haunted with nightmares of Asian Elvis's now.