Tuesday, March 31, 2009

These Friends Are, New Friends Are Golden

Take a look at these gals, they look like super fun people to hang out with, right? THEY ARE!


And I'm lucky enough that I get to go see M, the one in the middle, this weekend. We are gearing up for a girl's weekend of yoga, rock climbing and much needed catching up. M pulled me out of my shell first semester in Grad School and I am so glad she did because I ended up making one of my best friends. (Oh, and A on the left there is pretty damn cool too, but she still lives in the same state as me.)

So hopefully I'll have some pictures to post once I get back. Aaron and I went to Santa Fe a week ago and I still haven't done anything with those pictures. For now, you can imagine us eating great Mexican food and strolling about the plaza.

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Erin said...

ooh we're talking about a trip to Santa Fe in May...please do a trip review!

also, like the new blog look. muy pretty.