Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Captain CrazyPants Award Goes To...


I'm sure none of you are surprised. In fact, if you happen to sometimes watch Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, you know exactly why I'm saying this. I always knew Mr. Busey was a little off and Joel McHale on the The Soup certainly takes his cracks at him, but I found myself watching VH1 tonight and witnessed the complete insanity. The man walks around uttering nonsense, randomly attacks his costars, talks about his brush with the afterlife and, yet, I couldn't stop watching. It was such a trainwreck.

I usually don't watch reality tv, but I got sucked into this one. Oh yeah, that and The Pick Up Artist, also on the Channel That Used To Play Music Videos But It Doesn't Make Them Enough Money So Now They Show Crap. Don't ask me why, I apparently enjoy the sensation of wanting to stab my eyes repeatedly.

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