Thursday, October 23, 2008

Through the years

Everyone and their mother have had this on their blogs lately. I'm somewhat of a lemming, so here's my version!

20 Years Ago (1988):
1) I was 5 years old and already had a little sis and bro.
2) I watched a lot of Sesame Street
3) I was called a witch by another girl in kindergarten.
4) I loved dinosaurs.

10 Years Ago (1998):
1) I moved from Boulder to Milliken, twas a shock to the system.
2) I got my first real boyfriend.
3) I was getting into punk rock.
4) My favorite movie was The X-Files.

5 Years Ago (2003):
1) I had a friend get shipped off to Iraq.
2) I was going to concerts on a pretty regular basis and buying at least 2 CDs a week.
3) I lived with my sister while we were both in school. Turned out to be a blast.
4) I got my Stegosaurus tattoo.

3 Years Ago (2005):
1) I started graduate school and finally left working in retail.
2) I was teaching undergrads the beauty of statistics.
3) I got into rock climbing.
4) I had one of the greatest group of friends!

1 Year Ago (2007):
1) I finished graduate school and got me one of those "real" jobs.
2) I bought my beautiful Civic.
3) I went to Las Vegas and NYC.
4) I got engaged on Christmas Eve.

So Far this Year:
1) Decided to build a house.
2) Got married.
3) Moved into said house.
4) Had a mini nervous breakdown during 1, 2, & 3.

1) I worked.
2) I got angry at the morons who I commute with.
3) I made Nutter Butter Ghosts.
4) I hung out with one of my bestest friends ever.

1) I worked.
2) I ate tons of Halloween goodies at work.
3) I went for a good run and didn't pass out.
4) I went out to eat with my sis and her bf.

In the next year:
1) I hope to not be commuting so much.
2) Finally get to go on my honeymoon!
3) Make it out to the East Coast to see friends.
3) Enjoy where I'm at in life.


Erin said...

you have a stegosaurus tattoo?? dare I ask where?

Moxiesaurus said...

It's on my left shoulder blade. Very easy to cover most of the time!