Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Commuter Thoughts

Dear Woman in the Red Explorer this morning:

I know driving along the interstate every day, twice a day can become very tedious. And small little accidents on the side of the road don't make it any easier. However, I'm truly baffled by you thinking that your destination was so much more important that the rest of ours. I can't begin to comprehend why you thought it was okay to start driving 45 mph on the right shoulder! We were all slowed down, but at least it was moving. You very well could have caused an even bigger crash. The best part was when you finally got back into line, only to be two cars ahead of me! Was it really worth it?

The Gal in the Little Civic that could have been creamed

P.S. Yes, that was me flipping you off as I got off at my exit. You totally deserved it.

Totally Diggin'

These guys right now:

Their new album is "Just Say Yes" and it is awesome.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Make Sure Not to Burn the Plasti-Goop!

Look what I found at Toys R Us! This brings back memories, oh boy it does! One year for Christmas, both my sister and my brother asked for the Creepy Crawler set. Come Christmas morning, there was only one under the tree, with my sister's name on it. My brother had gotten Shark Attack. But he was so upset that he had not also gotten Creepy Crawlers. We heard about it for days and days. He eventually got over it and we all had a lot of fun making rubbery bugs and human organs with the set. I just can't believe they're still around.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Through the years

Everyone and their mother have had this on their blogs lately. I'm somewhat of a lemming, so here's my version!

20 Years Ago (1988):
1) I was 5 years old and already had a little sis and bro.
2) I watched a lot of Sesame Street
3) I was called a witch by another girl in kindergarten.
4) I loved dinosaurs.

10 Years Ago (1998):
1) I moved from Boulder to Milliken, twas a shock to the system.
2) I got my first real boyfriend.
3) I was getting into punk rock.
4) My favorite movie was The X-Files.

5 Years Ago (2003):
1) I had a friend get shipped off to Iraq.
2) I was going to concerts on a pretty regular basis and buying at least 2 CDs a week.
3) I lived with my sister while we were both in school. Turned out to be a blast.
4) I got my Stegosaurus tattoo.

3 Years Ago (2005):
1) I started graduate school and finally left working in retail.
2) I was teaching undergrads the beauty of statistics.
3) I got into rock climbing.
4) I had one of the greatest group of friends!

1 Year Ago (2007):
1) I finished graduate school and got me one of those "real" jobs.
2) I bought my beautiful Civic.
3) I went to Las Vegas and NYC.
4) I got engaged on Christmas Eve.

So Far this Year:
1) Decided to build a house.
2) Got married.
3) Moved into said house.
4) Had a mini nervous breakdown during 1, 2, & 3.

1) I worked.
2) I got angry at the morons who I commute with.
3) I made Nutter Butter Ghosts.
4) I hung out with one of my bestest friends ever.

1) I worked.
2) I ate tons of Halloween goodies at work.
3) I went for a good run and didn't pass out.
4) I went out to eat with my sis and her bf.

In the next year:
1) I hope to not be commuting so much.
2) Finally get to go on my honeymoon!
3) Make it out to the East Coast to see friends.
3) Enjoy where I'm at in life.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Enough With the Insanity!

My brain has apparently had its fill of election crap.  Last night I dreamed that I snuck into John McCain's house and found out he was planning on taking out Cindy with tree pesticides.  He comes home, so I'm hiding in on of the rooms with a bottle of Windex, ready to spray him (cause, don't you know, that'll stop him).  I wait for him to come down the hallway and right as I turn the corner to face him, I woke up gasping for breath.  I haven't woken myself up from a dream since I was in 2nd grade. 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I happened upon Ilana Yahav's work awhile back, but was watching it again this evening. There is something so peaceful about it, makes me instantly relaxed. There are many more of her videos out in cyberspace, just head on over to YouTube and search "sand art." The one above and "Love 2008" are my favorites so far. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!