Sunday, September 14, 2008

My "Om" Spot

This may sound totally bizarre, but grocery shopping is very therapeutic for me. Now, don't get that confused with shopping in general, especially if it involves the mall. Shopping at the mall is as enjoyable as running over my toe with the vacuum cleaner repeatedly. The mall is full of things like teenagers, and I call them things because they're definitely not human. Most of them like to steal CDs, magazines, Limp Bizkit wallets, and whatever else they can get the hands on. They probably don't like Limp Bizkit (who does?) but it's cool cause they took it. Without me seeing them. I may sound a tad angry, but I worked in retail at three different malls for a total of six years. I think I've earned the right to shake my fist at those darn teenagers!

Now what was I rambling about? Oh yes, the grocery store!

I don't really know how I developed my love of the supermarket, but strolling through the aisles is so relaxing for me. I know the "experts" say to only stay on the outside walls of the store to save money and calories, but where's the fun in that?

Today, I'll admit, I was feeling a tad tired and grumpy. I got into the store, got my free Starbucks drink (PSA: spending more than $50 in one trip gets you a free drink at Safeway Starbucks!) and started wandering. By the end of my shopping, my mood lifted and I felt ten times better. It didn't hurt that I was able to spend a lot less than we've been doing lately.

If anybody cares to share, what's your favorite place to unwind?

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Erin said...

Um, how about you do my grocery shopping for me then? We can both save money on therapy bills that way because I HATE grocery shopping.

I love unwinding with a book. anytime, anywhere, give me a book and I'm golden.

glad to see you're back blogging!